Public project deliverables

WP1 – Scenario analysis and requirement definition for CO2OLHEAT plant

D1.5    Potential electric markets for CO2OLHEAT and cycle configurations

D1.8    Grid flexibility potential of the CO2OLHEAT cycle

WP2 – sCO2 Turboexpander unit

D2.2    sCO2 material compatibility tests

WP3 – sCO2 Turbine

D3.6    sCO2 turbine (prototype) industrial test campaign

WP5 – Dynamic simulation and control

D5.1    Operational flexibility and control architecture requirements

D5.5    Monitoring strategies for CO2OLHEAT concepts

WP6 – Prachovice demo campaign

D6.3    CO2OLHEAT Skid ready for shipping to Prachovice

D6.7    Report with Prachovice Demo Campaign and Lessons Learnt

WP7 – Replication and impact analysis

D7.2    CO2OLHEAT solutions environmental assessment

D7.3    CO2OLHEAT Techno-economic benchmark with other WH2P solutions

D7.4    Techno-economic Roadmap towards TRL9

D7.9    Social acceptance issues and readiness for CO2OLHEAT

D7.10  CO2OLHEAT Replication potential in Extra-EU

WP8 – Dissemination, communication and exploitation

D8.1    Public communication materials (i.e. logo, leaflet, poster)

D8.2    CO2OLHEAT Public Website

D8.4    First CO2OLHEAT video

D8.6    First Stakeholder vision report and results of the EU sCO2 WG initiative

D8.7    Final Stakeholder vision report and outcomes from final dissemination event

D8.10  CO2OLHEAT EU Policy Positioning paper

D8.11  SPIRE interactions report and contribution of CO2OLHEAT to SPIRE 2030 Roadmap

Flag of Europe This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement N° 101022831