Key goals and objectives

Untapping Industrial Waste Heat Potential

Design of a novel WH2P plant layout for waste heat valorisation in an efficient and cost effective way.

  • Development and demonstration of a 2MW highly flexible sCO2 WH2P power block with a heat source T>400˚C and efficiency ηNOM>23%
  • Development of sCO2 power cycle components: turbomachinery, heat exchangers
  • Development of control systems enabling flexibility enhancements (related to part load, lower WH temperatures) and power grid interoperability

Innovations, economic viability and easy replicability

The innovative and state-of-the-art technology will be used to design and develop the sCO2 power block and an integrated and easy-to-instal skid, with outstanding economic and replicability features in other REIIs as well as power generation sectors.

  • Cost-effectiveness in terms of CAPEX, LCOE, Payback period, Rate of return 
  • Virtual replication of CO2OLHEAT concept in six applications: aluminium, steel, glass, waste incinerations, concentrated solar power, combined cycle gas turbines
  • Wide dissemination of project goals, progress and results, as well as creation of a pan-European sCO2 working group

Increase of energy efficiency

Improvement of REIIs’ energy efficiency by their waste heat valorisation, its conversion into electricity and re-injection into the industrial process.

  • Enabling grid flexibility
  • Reduction of energy costs
Flag of Europe This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement N° 101022831