Webinar series on sCO2 – 6th episode: Balance of Plant

14 February 2024
ETN Global

ETN Global, the CO2OLHEAT coordinator, presents already the sixth episode of its successful webinar series “R&D activities on sCO2 in Europe (and beyond)”. The E06’s topic was “Balance of Plant” and our project partners (SIME & Baker Hughes) were there!

Matteo Baggiani (SIME) delivered a presentation “View of impacts on CAPEX and plant feasibility”, while Marco Ruggiero (Baker Hughes) moderated the panel and Q&A session.

The great set of presenters was completed by Raymond C. Decorvet (MAN Energy Solutions), Xijia Lu (NET Power), and Joshua Warren (Southwest Research Institute).

This webinar series is organised in cooperation with eight CO2OLHEAT’s sister projects. Click on their names for more information! –> CARBOSOLA (German national project), COMPASsCO2DESOLINATIONiSOPSCARABEUSsCO2-Efekt (Czech national project), sCO2-4-NPPSOLARSCO2OL.

Webinar proceedings as well as more information can be found at the event site.

Flag of Europe This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement N° 101022831